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Terms & Conditions

* The Agreement - The Agreement between yourself and Castle Inn Dietetic Clinic will commence when you make an appointment and shall terminate upon delivery of the services.

* The Service - I will provide you with a dietetic consultation service, which may include without limit; the provision of one to one advice/nutrition counselling sessions, food diary examination, body composition analysis, food intolerance and allergy testing. Follow up times and dates and your personal targeted action plan will be specifically defined and confirmed during your consultation. I will also provide you with the relevant fact and diet sheets following your consultation.

As a patient you will be responsible for:
* Being on time to any appointments.
* Making any payments due to myself in a timely manner.

As a State Registered Dietitian, I will be responsible for:
* Delivering the services with all reasonable skill and care, and in full compliance of the professional code of conduct for dietitians, as outlined by the Health Professions Council (the HPC ensures that dietitians have the appropriate knowledge and skills and remain competent to practice) and the British Dietetic Association.
* Insurance - as a State Registered Dietitian and working within the Statement of Conduct, I am covered with Professional indemnity insurance.
* Confidentiality - all patient information I hold, will be kept confidential. Where your appointment has been arranged through a referring agent such as your GP, I will be required to share information back to your referring agent, (if applicable) and any other medical professionals whose details you or your referring agent has shared with me for the purposes of this service.
Where you have arranged your appointment with me directly and I require confirmation of medical details from your GP/consultant/other health professional, I will ask your permission before making any contact.
* Continuing professional development (CPD) is maintained by me to ensure up to date knowledge on all aspects of dietetic practice that is appropriate to the dietitain's work.

* Fees are based in line with The British Dietetic Association 2011 recommendations and all appointments include additional preparation time by Helen.

* Cancellations - please inform Castle Inn Dietetic Clinic within 3 working days of your scheduled appointment, then there will be no charge accrued and the appointment can be re arranged at a more suitable time. Where you give less than 3 days notice, I will make a cancellation charge of 50% of the booking fee. Cancellation requests may be made by email, phone, fax or in writing.

* However, due to unforeseen circumstances including sickness, Castle Inn Dietetic Clinic may cancel an appointment within 24hrs. A new appointment will be made as soon as possible and at your earliest convenience.

* Specialist - if appropriate you may be referred on to a specialist State Registered Dietitian or Consultant. Sometimes laboratory tests may be necessary. Some of these may be able to be carried out by your GP. Alternatively, Helen can try and arrange these for you.