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Helen BondHelen's Philosophy


Helen, like the 19th century German philosopher Ludwig Feuerbach, truly believes that "You are what you eat".

Helen is passionate about food, home cooking (especially on her beloved Aga!), and the impact it can have on peoples' health, but Helen is also a realist and her philosophy is to provide nutritional advice that is based on sound science, yet is practical, simple and realistic for today's busy lifestyles. 

There's so much confusion in today's society about what constitutes a healthy diet and the media fuels this uncertainty by bombarding us on a daily basis with conflicting messages about nutrition - it can be difficult to know exactly what we can eat?!

It is important to remember that it does not have to be hard to eat better and smarter. There are no good or bad foods only good or bad diets - so it is time to ditch those fad diets, forget the calorie counting and ignore confusing media headlines. 

Helen is here to arm you with 'how and what', so you too can take care of your own health and enhance it by enjoying all of the many delicious, seasonal and locally produced foods that are on offer, packed full of vitamins and minerals which will help protect, strengthen, and improve your body by feeding it from the inside out!

Helen takes pride in making nutrition accessible to all, through her clear, accurate and straightforward recommendations, easy-to-follow explanations, and sensitive, caring, personable manner.


About Helen Bond - BSc.(Hons) SRD, MBDA
Consultant Dietitian and Public Relations Adviser

Helen Bond is one of the leading Dietitians in the UK.

Helen graduated in 1996 with a 2:1 BSc. Honours degree in Dietetics from Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh, having incorporated six months studying dietetics and applied biology at the Universite des Science et Technologies in Lille, France.

She was awarded the Abbott Laboratories Prize for the student presenting the dissertation of the highest standard in the final year of the Bachelor of Science course. Helen's undergraduate research was published in the much respected journal "Nutrition and Food Science", in addition to its presentation at the 1997 European Congress of Obesity, Dublin. This was a pilot study researching the effects of deliberately inserting snacks between meals on nutrient and calorie intake at mealtimes.

Born and brought up in Lancashire, Helen went back to her roots to train as a Basic Grade Dietitian at Royal Preston Hospital, where she gained widespread experience in many aspects of nutrition and its relationship to health.

In 1997 Helen went on to become the resident in-house dietitian at Hill and Knowlton Public Relations Consultancy in London for 3 years, providing nutritional expertise for a number of food clients. During this time, she undertook several editorial responsibilities, ranging from Editor of the health professional journal "European Update", organiser of media briefings and nutritional seminars both in the UK and across Europe, delivering talks and presentations to various healthcare professional disciplines and drafting consumer and healthcare professional leaflets and materials.

In 2000, she started her own business and took on the position of Consultant Dietitian. She currently provides assistance to several top name food companies, Public Relations (PR) consultancies and marketing agencies, is the nutrition voice for BBC Radio Derby, a spokesperson for the British Dietetic Association and is regularly quoted in the national, consumer and health professional press.


Professional Positions & Memberships Held

Helen is fully registered with the British Dietetic Association, the Freelance Dietitians Group and the Health and Care Professions Council - Registration Number. DT06566 (http://www.hcpc-uk.org/check/)



What Do Helen's Letters Mean?

State Registration is a protected title in the UK and registered dietitians are the only qualified health professionals that assess, diagnose and treat diet and nutrition problems at an individual and wider public health level.

Dietitians work within a strict ethical code of conduct and use the most up to date public health and scientific research on food, health and disease, which they translate into practical guidance to enable people to make appropriate lifestyle and food choices.

Member of the British Dietetic Association (MBDA) - the professional association for registered dietitians in Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Visit the BDA website at www.bda.uk.com  for further information.